About The Artist

Julian’s Full Service Wedding Florist

Adele Catherine Maroun was born in South Africa into a family of Lebanese descent. From an early age she has been fascinated by the variety of colors, shapes and textures found in nature, and has always found ways to incorporate natural materials into her art work. Intrigued with the techniques of floral design, she avidly read books by eminent floral artists. She says that she has been most influenced by the writings of three of these individuals: “Andy Goldsworthy taught me how to find and use the elements around me. Klaus Wagner taught me how to discover my classy, elegant and whimsical side. Elly Lin encouraged me with her eye for floral fashion.”

After a few years of traveling and brief residencies in Africa, Europe and the United States, Adele found herself drawn to the San Diego area and settled there permanently in 1991, where she started her first business Adele’s Colours. One of her art pieces earned a front page position of the Smithsonian Catalog. She kept on being drawn to Mother Earth and started dabbling in floral design. An opportunity arose and in 2001 “Flowers on 56 was birthed.” Self taught and inspired by the world she established herself as a creative floral designer and was highly sought after to do the flower arrangements for celebrities, a number of the finer hotels, businesses, the San Diego community, private events, and especially weddings. Testimonials about her work highlight her creativity, uniqueness, originality, and artistry.

In 2016 Adele had the opportunity to move to Julian, CA to design in a more rural and peaceful setting, that also happens to be a popular destination for weddings. She changed her business name to “Flowers on 78” and is establishing herself as Julian’s wedding florist.